World class instructors and former world champion visited Chelsea

Special Course at Chelsea Karate Club – October 2015

Sunday 4th, a technical course took place in Chelsea Karate Club with guest instructors, Keyvan Ghazi, Senior SKIF Sensei, Nikos Gidakos 2 times WKF World Kumite Champion, Marko Georgiadi expert in Shotokan Bunkai and biomechanics along with Mr Amir Arvandi, British referee.
The seven hours seminar included training various Kumite combinations, Kata Bunkai and competitions rules. Karatekas had 30 minutes of lunch break before further applying techniques learned during morning session with world class instructors and former world champions.
The seminar started with the refereeing rules session with Sensei Arvandi (British Referee), very informative session for Karatekas to understand rules and regulations of national and international championships and ended biomechanically with Sensei Georgiadi.

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